Wallace-Watkins International
- Executive Search Specialists


Each search is unique with its own requirements, level of urgency, need for confidentiality, and importance to the company's overall success. As a result, we have created two search options in order to accommodate your company's needs with each assignment.

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Selected in 85% of our searches, this comprehensive approach is used for all levels of positions where there is a critical need that must be filled in a timely manner.

  • One or more Senior Associates are assigned to your search and commit their time to meeting your needs, until your position is filled.
  • 75-100 candidates are called on your behalf to insure that we have a large sampling of qualified candidates.
  • Within 6-8 weeks, you are presented with detailed resumes on 3-5 Finalists along with the profile of several backup candidates and a summary comparing the candidates.
  • Our Fee is paid to us in two installments:
    1.  One third up-front as a deposit to engage our services.
    2.  The balance is paid when the position is filled
  • Replacement guarantee of 6 months.

This approach is best used when the urgency is low and the need to fill the position is not critical.

  • No deposit is required to engage our services.
  • The Client Company agrees to use Wallace-Watkins International on an exclusive basis to fill the position.
  • Our fee is due when the candidate starts to work.
  • Replacement Guarantee of 60 days.