Wallace-Watkins International
-Executive Search Specialists


"To be the very best executive-search firm in our area of specialization - to serve others, put forth our very best effort, kindle and surpass client expectations, build lasting relationships, and have fun as we are challenged and grow personally in the process."

ul without break demo KEY ELEMENTS

  • Be considered by our clients to be the best executive search firm in our areas of specialization! (Verify this via Customer Survey forms.) Represent only the premier companies as well as only Class-A candidates who meet client requirements.
  • Build lasting relationships with both clients and candidates. Be sensitive to others. Always try to leave the other person better off for having known you.

  • Complete honesty and integrity in all we say, do and represent, both in our company and in our personal lives. Never misrepresent a candidate to a client or a client company to a candidate!

  • Be a company where God and familly come first but also where we remain focused and the job is not neglected. We believe that a balanced life is the best foundation to being productive and healthy.

  • A company where every employee is an important member of the team and where each person's ideas and regular contributions are considered vital to the success of the organization.

  • Well compensated.   Everyone - all Associates, the leadership and the owners.

  • Have fun in a positive, professional, progressive, intellectually stimulating and industrious environment.