Wallace-Watkins International
- Executive Search Specialists

Working with Wallace-Watkins International

  • Resume evaluation We will review your resume to determine that it matches job opportunities we fill for client companies. We represent only "Class-A Candidates" with strong records of achievement, a stable history and high integrity.

  • In-depth Interview We help you to define your motivation, strengths and weaknesses (both technically and personally), the job responsibilities you'd like to have, income and compensation structure desired, type of company and leadership you'd like to work for, location preferences, and your ambition and timing. We'll also discuss your career progress, the availability of various opportunities, income possibilities, and how you measure up to other candidates.

  • Discuss Opportunities that match Once we get to know you, we will review the opportunities we have that match your profile. We will discuss the areas where the match is close and where it is not, so that you can make an educated decision whether or not to pursue the opportunity.

  • Resume Preparation We will help you to prepare your resume for presentation to our client so that it properly covers our client's areas of interest and does the best job of presenting your background, abilities and interests.

  • Interview Coordination We act as your representative, between you and our client company - arranging interviews, providing feedback and bridging any concerns.

  • References (employment and education) With your approval, we will reference your background thoroughly, providing copies of several references and a summary to our client.

  • Offer-Acceptance We will assist you in the offer-acceptance process, with resignation from your present employer, and scheduling your Start Date. And we will follow-up with you after you start work to see how things are going.

  • Placement Fees All employment fees are paid by the employer.