Wallace-Watkins International
- Executive Search Specialists

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Wallace-Watkins International is an executive search firm based in Houston, Texas that has two practices:

  • Oil & Gas Exploration & Development

  • Residential Development & Construction

    Founded in 1986, our company is known for its ability to identify, recruit, and attract superior senior-level managers, the quality of which is rarely found through advertising, general employment agencies, or referrals.

    Wallace-Watkins International is where you find the best performing executives in the Homebuilding and Oil and Gas Exploration and Production industries. Over the years, we have built an extensive database that includes thousands of companies and divisions and the names and backgrounds of thousands of qualified managers in each of our two practices. After careful consideration of your needs, we actively recruit (we don't advertise) a large number of qualified candidates on your behalf and present you with the top performers who meet your requirements.

    Partner with us and we will find the very best qualified performers to help you build your organization.